Welcome to the Powerful Peaks Trading Company Journal!

Welcome to the Powerful Peaks Trading Company Journal!

Welcome to our very first blog post! We’ve decided to take Powerful Peaks a step further and release blog posts about our products and everything that goes with them! As many of you know, my name is Dana Aydlett and I’m the co-founder of Powerful Peaks Trading Company or what we call, PPTC. I thought for my first blog post that I would tell you a little bit about PPTC and our vision behind the company. I’ve always been a huge fan of candles. So when my husband, Stanton, bought me a candle making kit a little over three years ago, I was all in.

After a few years of making candles as gifts and for our own use, we started talking about starting a business. For a while, that’s all it was - talk. We both worked full time, busy jobs and putting the effort towards a project at night just wasn’t happening. I mean, doesn’t everyone just want to come home, shower, relax and eat dinner?!

Well, along came 2020. We all know what happens here. March arrived quickly and life carried on as usual until it didn’t. Covid had arrived and things started to change fast. I couldn’t believe huge events like the Masters or March Madness were just cancelled or postponed so quickly. What was going on? Then our scheduled concerts and travel trips were cancelled, the grocery stores were a complete madhouse and then - BAM - shut down. With all the extra time at home, I decided to take advantage and channel my energy into my side gig and here we are! Our LLC was distributed on 4/20/20 (totally random but funny since we are based in Colorado) and we were off to the races!

It was important to me to make great products but also to tell stories that resonate with everyone. I thought about what was important to us and also what everyone wants right now with the world changing right in front of us. It was easy to land on  - memories, favorite experiences, favorite places and happy times. That’s it, that’s what we all want! I feel very passionate about bringing this feeling to everyone who purchases our candles, especially in times when we are all yearning for more.

We started off with one of our favorite times and poured that experience into one of the first candles we ever made, Coastal Cliff from our Signature Collection. This candle smells like crashing waves on jagged rocks and fresh, cool, breezy air. To us, this immediately sparked memories of when we got engaged in Carmel, California. When we light this candle it brings us right back to the week we spent on the West coast. Since we have started selling our candles, I’ve heard from our candle clan that this scent reminds them of trips to Ireland, beach weekends with friends or Summer nights by the pool. This warms my heart and is exactly what our intentions are with our candle collection. They have special memories for us, but I hope they spark one of your own as well!

There's always something new to experience, and we hope with our candles, we can bring you all along for the ride. We've always appreciated the power a smell has to bring you back to a moment while keeping you grounded in the comfort of your own home or space. It can alter the entire feeling, changing its energy and hopefully changing your mindset in the process.

Join our journey and check out our line of eco-friendly, hand-crafted candles, poured with the intention of bringing your adventures home to you. 

Light up, let’s go!


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