Our Story

Behind our name, Powerful Peaks Trading Company, lies a long story, full of small detours and many welcomed adventures. We are Dana and Stanton Aydlett, the founders of Powerful Peaks Trading Company.  After journeying through several homes together, we’ve settled in Denver, Colorado, living amongst the mountains that gave our company its namesake. Together we discovered that maintaining open eyes, minds, and hearts not only brought us to each other but remains as our fuel for living a present and adventure-driven lifestyle. Letting life surprise us in its countless twists and turns, allows us to constantly grow and instill these values into our experience-driven candle creations. These fresh experiences plant a seed that tangles within our souls, grounds its roots in our memories, and fundamentally alters who we are.  This constant seeking and yearning for novelty has driven us forward into our new business venture and lives at the core of who we are.

We saw in each other the desire to experience all of the wonders life presents to us and that remains as the foundation for Powerful Peaks Trading Company. There's always something new to experience, and we hope with our candles, we can bring you all along for the ride and possibly spark a memory of your own. We've always appreciated the power a smell has to bring you back to a moment while keeping you grounded in the comfort of your own home. It can alter the entire feeling of a space, changing its energy and hopefully changing your mindset in the process.

Our experimentation started about 3 years ago when Stanton brought home a candle making kit. What originated as an aptly chosen hobby, soon grew into a desire to recreate our most cherished memories. We wanted to transport back to when our hearts were fullest, so those moments didn't have to simply be replayed in our minds; they could be felt whenever we chose. The more we dove into creating scents, the more we fell in love with the process. Sometimes we would start with a memory. Sometimes we would start with a specific scent. Regardless of each candle's origin, they always culminate in a creation aimed at reminiscing  about a special time in our lives not in within our current grasp. Because we live our lives constantly searching for new experiences, whilst simultaneously recognizing the impossibility of always achieving this, we wanted a way to bring those ideas together. 

Our all-natural approach to both life and our business lives deeply within every decision that we make. A clean-burning, low impact candle allows you to genuinely enjoy what we've created without any worries. These small steps we take are the foundation for a much larger movement to prioritize our planet. Our candle's low environmental impact, alongside our support for farmers, kept Mother Earth at the forefront. The essential oils and fine fragrances we use are phthalate, paraben, and sulfate-free.  Our packaging is eco-friendly and our jars are reusable/recyclable. 

Join our journey and check out our line of eco-friendly, hand-crafted candles, poured with the intention of bringing your adventures home to you. Light up, let’s go!

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